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Pre requirements:

Applicants legal record must be clear of any felony convictions- including sexual convictions, child or elderly abuse, theft, robbery, DUI or alcohol/drug, serious traffic violations, or any action taken against a health care license held by the applicant. In addition, students may not be on parole for any reason.


All applicants must successfully pass a drug test prior to acceptance into the program. Failure will result in application denial.


Applicant must be:

-18 years old prior to National Registry testing

- In possession of a High School diploma or G.E.D.


Course Dates:

Classes will be held on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 6:00 to 10:30pm.

Some Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:30pm

Courses begins Tuesday April 1, 2014 and ends Tuesday July 1, 2014

Cost $525 includes books.

$200 due at time of registry.

Balance due the first night of class.

Sorry, no payment plans available of this course.

Registration deadline, Friday March 21, 2014.


EMS Class Information


Medical First Responder

Course Begins Tuesday April 1, 2014


Sponsored by:

Stockbridge Area Emergency Services Authority



Heath Corey EMT-P, I/C

Phone: (517) 719-2762



Limited enrollment:

Enrollment is limited to 30 students. registration is on a first come/ first served basis.

Registration deadline will be Friday March 21, 2014.

Course fee is $525 this includes books.

A deposit of $200 is required at the time of registration, the remainder of the fee is due at 

the start of class.

(Sorry, no payment plans available for this course)  



 Course approved by the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services, Beruau of Health Service, EMS Division

Course Topics

1. Introduction to Emergency Care

2. The Well-Being of the MFR

3. Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues

4. The Human Body

5. Lifting and Moving Patients

6. Airway, Oxygen, Ventilation Therapy

7. Patient Assessment Medical/Trauma


9. Vital Signs


11. Treatment of Various Medical/Trauma Emergencies

12. Use of Epi-Auto Injector

13. Child Birth

14. Geriatric and Pediatric Emergencies

15. Triage, Disaster, Haz Mat, and Rescue Extrication

16. Helicopter Landing Zone Training

Course Description

This class has additional hours written into the program with emphasis given to patient assessment, treatment of cardiac and the medical related emergencies, childbirth and pediatric emergencies.

This level of education is the first level of licensure that the State of Michigan recognizes for a emergency healthcare provider.

This course is approved by Michigan Department of Community Health EMS & Trauma Systems Section.

Upon successful completion, students are eligible to take the National Registry Certification test as required by the State of Michigan for licensure.

*National Registry exam fees are not included in the cost of the class.

The MRF's scope of practice is typically utilized by rural Fire departments, Police and Security agencies, Industrial plant workers, lifeguards, search and rescue teams, along with private and public school personnel.   



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