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Stockbridge Area Emergency Service Authority to Offer CAMP 9-1-1



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On Saturday August 28th, and Sunday August 29th, Stockbridge Area Emergency Service Authority will sponsor CAMP 9-1-1, a two day camp for youth ages 10-13, providing interactive experiences in injury prevention, bystander care, and EMS careers.

Local youth will spend two days at Stockbridge Middle School from 9am-5pm learning how to prevent traffic and home injuries and how to perform essential lifesaving skills for injured victims. These skills including opening the airway, rescue breathing, bleeding control, and CPR: as well as instruction in bicycle safety, seatbelt safety and dealing with submerged vehicles.

In addition, all participants will learn about career opportunities in Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Police services.

The fire department will perform a demonstration on extinguishing a stove fire and the proper use of fire extinguishers.

Police officers will provide information on internet predators, school bullying, child abduction, and various crime fighting tips. Fingerprinting of participants will be offered.

A dog search and rescue demonstration will be performed. A medical helicopter will land; provide demonstrations, and information on careers in the air medical service.

Camp will conclude with a 9-1-1 obstacle course and presentation of certificates and Bystander Care Kits to campers.

Heath Corey (project organizer) said “Camp 9-1-1” is an exciting program which has been held at EMS and Fire agencies throughout Michigan sense 1996. We are very pleased to offer this opportunity to the youth in our community. This is the first time we have ever organized a project of this kind in our area. We have taken the time to organize this project to ensure a successful outcome. Any time you organize a project like this it takes time, commitment and support of everyone evolved. Our goal is to provide education to the community youth to ensure a safe place for us to all live in if an emergency arises.

Training and materials for the camp were originally developed by SWM Systems, the Lower Peninsula regional EMS coordination agency, with funding from the Office of Highway Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2000 the funding for the camp “9-1-1” events ended and SWM Systems has sense went out of business.

We have formed a budget for the camp and are currently working with local agencies to provide funding, materials and time with the event. The camp will be free to 30 campers. However If we have additional campers who apply but are not accepted other “CAMP 9-1-1” events will be scheduled.

S.A.E.S.A is asking that anyone who would be willing to donate money, materials, or serve as a camp counselor to please contact Heath Corey at SAESA ambulance at 517-851-7943 ext #4.

We will be contacting area businesses and residences asking for donations for the event. Our budget is $3,910. Obviously the more money and materials we are able to obtain through donation, the more we will be able to provide to the children or even add to the number of campers we can accommodate.

CAMP 9-1-1 organizers include:

Heath Corey, Peggy Corey, Dave Harrison, Josh McAlister, Richard McDonald, Ron Hodder, Justin Thomas, Mark Armstrong, Sandy Kay, Shane Batdorff, Melissa Chelf, Roxanne Debozy, Judy Heeney, Steve Gipe, Jason Patrick, Rebecca Hendershot, and Maryanne Finley.

For further information, to register your child, or to donate materials to this project, please log onto or contact Heath Corey at 517-851-7943 ext #4.

Supply List \ Areas of Teaching
Camp 9-1-1 Supply List

List of supplies

Each camper will take home with them

· Camp 9-1-1 Proud t-shirt

· First aid kit

· Trauma kit with various supplies to treat a patient until additional help arrives

· 3 ring binder with various reading materials for their parents, friends and family members

· CPR face shield

· Pen light

· Bicycle helmet

· (1) Boys and (1) Girls bike will be won through a lotto system

· Bicycle ridding vest

· Fire extinguisher

· Smoke detector

· Bedroom window stickers

· Gun safety lock

· Wall electrical socket plugs

· Child safety locks.

· EMS careers video

· Multi tool used to escape a submerged vehicle

 Supplies needed for Camp 9-1-1

All of the above in addition to:

o Pens pencils

o Paper

o Fanny packs

o Two bikes

o 30 helmets

o 30 fire extinguishers

o 30 gun safety locks

o 30 smoke detectors

o 30 safety vests

o 30 window punch/multi tool

o Morning and afternoon snacks

o Bottled water

o Juice boxes

o Kid breakfast snacks


Areas that will be taught include:

1. Bystander care

a. Assess area for safety

b. Use of bystanders

c. Calling 911

d. Initial assessment

e. Neck protection

f. Bleeding Control

g. CPR

h. Information gathering

i. Splinting

j. Keeping patient still and warm

2. Bicycle Safety

a. Traffic safety

b. Protection

c. Head injuries

3. Home safety

a. How to put out small fires (stove)

b. Gun safety

c. Child door locks

d. Electricity outlet plugs

e. Candle care

f. Fire escape procedure

4. EMS careers

a. Will demonstrate equipment used by EMS providers

b. Each student will leave with a sample uniform

c. EMS careers video

5. Injury prevention

a. Extraction tool used for submerged vehicle

b. First aid kit use

c. Rugs in the home

d. Step skids

e. Blinds and cords

f. Crib safety

6. Police

a. Internet predators

b. Finger printing

c. Abduction information

d. Dog demonstration

e. Bullies in schools information

7. Helicopter

a. Demonstration

b. Careers in air transport

8. Wilsons Rescue dog

a. Search and rescue


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